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Organic, Cruelty Free, Hand made in Hawaii with love, using the highest quality ingredients.



Honey & Hibiscus

Face and Lip Balm

Actual size of balm .50oz


 Real Hawaiian Honey

The Beauty Benefits of Honey are Real... Raw honey is incredible for your skin and lips, thanks to its antibacterial properties and hefty serving of skin-saving antioxidants. Honey is known for being highly moisturizing and can help you repair your dry, crakced lips and regain glowing skin. Our Hawaiian honey is sourced locally from Ho'ola Honey, their mission is to Save, Heal and Thrive. Our Face and Lip Balm provides safe, natural, and effective healing, using raw local honey and pure Hawaiian beeswax.


Complete Ingredient list...

Organic bees wax, Coconut oil, African shea butter, Hibiscus extract, Real Hawaiian Honey, Argan oil, Red raspberry seed oil, organic Hibiscus and Honey flavor oil.


Hibiscus Extract 

The Botox Plant... Hibiscus extract is one of the most powerful anti-ageing plant ingredient, it’s no wonder Hibiscus is called the "Botox" plant. Hibiscus has an amazing reputation for increasing skin elasticity to give a stunning natural youth-boost. With the incredible ability to inhibit the activity of the enzyme elastase, which is responsible for breaking down our skin’s precious elastin. Hibiscus actively combats the ageing process by firming and lifting your skin. Hibiscus is rich in antioxidants, called anthocyanocides. Antioxidants are proven to help fight skin damaging free radicals which may help premature skin ageing. They also have an anti-inflammatory effects and can help to soothe inflamed skin, making Hibiscus suitable for those prone to very sensitive skin. Our Honey & Hibiscus Face and Lip Balm contains the highest grade of hibiscus extract upgrading this lip balm to a luxury face and lip balm. 


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